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A collaboration between VX Global™ and Ageless Biotech™.

Top Doctor Angels is a consortium of medical investors and experts organized to help early-stage companies, in the life sciences, accelerate their growth. We are currently seeking participation from licensed, dedicated professionals who want to be in the vanguard of cutting edge development.



Top Doctor Angels is a network of life science, medical, bioscientists and facilities working together to accelerate the growth of promising innovative medical industry products and services. The Top Doctor Angel Investment Club is built for Physicians who want to be on the cutting edge of investing in a better tomorrow.

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Investing With Like-Minded Experts That Contribute To Our Success

The organization is managed by investment executives with a rich background in life sciences, company structuring, deal flow, and successful exits. Top Doctor Angels (TDA) are a group of individual investors that have come together for the sole purpose of investing in companies at 3 stages of development.

Why Top Doctor Angels

3 Tiered Portfolio To Hedge Risk


Seasoned teams of entrepreneurs that have been there before with the passion and focus required to complete the task of bringing the technology to the market in a successful exit. 

Post-Seed and A Rounds

Companies that have raised the first round of capital deployed it effectively, and have reached milestones recognized by the industry experts. 


Entities have made it through either first clinical trials, proof of concept, and or early sales traction. They are an integral part of any successful portfolio.

A Team Of Professionals With Cross-Platform Skills, Due Diligence and Investment Management Experience managed by VX Global Inc. and Ageless Biotech. 




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